Privacy Policy

Whitehouse Consultants understands the importance of ensuring that any personal information provided via our website is kept secure and private. We also respect the rights of browsers to maintain their anonymity whilst visiting our website. Our privacy statement below details:

  • Why Whitehouse collects personal data
  • For what purpose will these data be used
  • Who will have access to these details
  • The usage of cookies in the site
  • How to remove your personal data
  • General information.

Please contact Whitehouse ( if you have any further queries regarding our usage of personal data.

Why Whitehouse collects personal data

Any personal information that you submit via our website will be used for the explicit purpose for which it was provided. Our website requires users to provide personal information only when a specific service is requested, such as inclusion on a newsletter mailing list or registration to a seminar.

Whitehouse strives to equip our browsers with whatever information you require - the provision of personal information enables us to meet this target.

For what purpose will these data be used?

Personal information will be used for the purpose it was submitted. However, if you want to receive regular updates about Whitehouse's products and services you can 'opt in' (when you enter your personal data) to be included on our general mailing list. This service enables you to be kept informed of Whitehouse's product news, demonstration road shows, new services, etc.

Who has access to this information?

Third parties are granted access to our databases for the purpose of joint marketing campaigns (Whitehouse + Partner). However, Whitehouse does not allow third parties (other than its agents ) ownership of any personal data. Whitehouse personnel and its agents undertake all marketing and sales activities involving our data. Whitehouse guarantees that any data submitted for inclusion on our databases will not be handed to a third party at any point. The only people allowed access to your personal data are Whitehouse and you.

Our usage of cookies

"All web owners have to get the permission of visitors to their sites before installing cookies on their machines."

Whitehouse uses cookies to track user trends and to assess how its site is being used. Cookies allow users to maintain their anonymity whilst enabling Whitehouse to manage and maintain its website according to user trends. Web pages with cookies attached always request user permission prior to the cookie being downloaded.

To remove any cookies from your hard drive simply delete straight from your browser.

How to remove personal data.

If you would like Whitehouse to remove or amend any personal data please send an e-mail to We will send you a confirmation of receipt e-mail and then remove your name from our database.


This privacy statement will be updated in accordance with any amendments, rulings or subsequent provisions to the Data Protection Act.