Selecting JD Edwards – a market-leading ERP system

Whitehouse Consultants is an authorized reseller of Oracle licensed products and a number of products and tools that are complementary to JD Edwards:

  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World - ERP solutions Oracle
  • Accelerate industry specific solutions - ERP for Mid-size
  • Complementary products for JD Edwards, including Oracle add-on products and products developed by independent software vendors.

JD Edwards ERP Solutions

JD Edwards is a market leading ERP solution that helps you to do business more efficiently. By managing core processes involving finances, people and equipment, JD Edwards helps you to make the best use of information and resources throughout your business.

With JD Edwards, your employees will have a single, integrated, real-time view of the latest information on orders, inventories, projects and equipment so that you can make the right decisions and convert good strategies into workable realities.

JD Edwards delivers a rapid return on investment for the following reasons:

  • Modular approach: Many organisations do not need the complete range of functionality available in the typical ERP package. With JD Edwards you only implement the modules you need, adding more later if required. You can build a solution one step at a time and take the steps in virtually any order. JD Edwards is a flexible ERP that evolves in line with your business.
  • Industry Specific: JD Edwards offers industry specific functionality, so you don’t have to develop custom solutions or invest in a host of third-party products to fit your needs.
  • Fast Implementation: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne helps you realize value from your solution sooner by providing a uniform infrastructure and pre-integrated applications, middleware, and database. Simply put, it requires less effort to implement and maintain.

Please contact your regional sales office for further information.

Oracle Accelerate Solutions

Oracle Accelerate solutions are affordable bundles of Oracle's world-class business applications delivered through our Business Accelerator rapid implementation technology. Each Oracle Accelerate solution is tailored to your industry, with preconfigured industry process flows.

The results are faster time to value, low and predictable costs, and a better fit for your business. Complete, industry-focused, and easy-to-own, Oracle Accelerate solutions can help your organization become more efficient and profitable.

The Accelerate approach can also be ideal for international projects, as subsidiaries can be integrated into the parent system quickly, with full system functionality retained and available for the future.

Whitehouse Consultants is proud to have been instrumental in the Oracle Accelerate program and has developed the following industry specific solutions:

Whitehouse Consultants is an award winning partner in the Oracle Accelerate program in recognition of our outstanding contribution.

Mark Keever, Group Vice President, Oracle said:

  • "Oracle is proud to achieve this milestone of more than 300 solutions for midsize customers in six continents, especially as many of the new partner solutions have expanded beyond core ERP."

Adrian Coss, MD, Whitehouse Consultants UK, adds:

  • "Changing international markets are resulting in mergers and acquisitions and the IT follow on from this is increasing demand for international deployments and system rollouts. Oracle Accelerate solutions can be the answer."

Oracle Accelerate Demo

View the Oracle Accelerate demo from Oracle's website

IT Budget Accelerator

Visit Oracle’s resource centre for mid-sized industries and take the IT Budget Accelerator test.

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Whether you are looking for a partner for an international project or to support your business in your local area, please contact Whitehouse Consultants.